Vienna view

Last weeks were quite busy as we went to Vienna for a week. M. worked and B. and I spent days mostly in sandpits and nearby woods. We explored the area around an old villa where we stayed. B. fluctuated between enthusiasm and fear during that week. The old villa […]

work on the road

Last week theme was created spontaneously – B. chose a train set to be put on his shelf. Transportation, vehicles, big machines – those are his favorite… Wooden train set Few months ago B. used to ask us to build tracks for him, later he added few pieces from time […]

counting to five

We had a horse week and I wanted to include a counting activity. There are so many materials available related to counting… But… I have not found any with real horse photographs. So I decided to create one and share it here. I printed the material, cut it and glued […]

In many of my posts I write about many aspects in which my life has changed. I usually compare period after B. was born and the present period. However, visiting places of my childhood offers even more surprising pieces of information about my change – mental, physical, financial, locational, emotional, […]

movement with a toddler

B. is a very active child and he has been even more when younger. He used to run around and play without stopping, evidently tired and asking to pause and rest next to us; however, he was unable to stop for more then two seconds, literally. Now he can stay […]

Calendar mat

I have started working on this calendar mat more than two years ago when B. was about eight months old. I planned it to be finished by his first birthday so we could use it at his first Montessori Celebration of Life. It did not happen but I have no […]

daffodils and peas

Spring has arrived and we enjoy warm and sunny days, smells of flowers and wet soil. Sometimes we do not go for a walk, but stay on our loggia to play and expose ourselves to sunshine and work in our apartment garden. I grew up in an apartment (about 60 […]


B. has grown and his clothes are too small again. Most of B.’s clothes is borrowed from a friend or gifted to us by family. T-shirts, shirts and jumpers are favorite pieces to be gifted, trousers, leggings and pants are what we usually buy. This time I decided that I […]

calming basket

Our days are filled with beautiful and heart-warming moments, ordinary moments and with very difficult and loud and emotional moments too. For each and everyone of us – B., M., me. I tried to find a way how to make those difficult moments more manageable, how to have a series […]