snowy road

Today is the last day of February which I consider perfect to finish this mini series about our winter walks. You can read part 1 here. Looking at photographs taken during our walks, it may seem that everything is smoothly going and that it is just the weather what changes. […]

snowy day

Before B. was born I loved walks and hikes in forests. I have never got feelings of awe but in nature. It made me feel special and small at the same time. Winter walks with snow, frost and low temperatures are now quite occasional in the area where I live. […]

toddler sewing

As a sewing mom I look for opportunities to include B. in any sewing-related activities. Some of them I introduced in an art activities post. Usually when I work at my table, B. joins me and asks to play with a button box or my sewing box. Although I definitely […]

Last week B. showed interest in various art techniques so I decided to dedicate this week to art. It started well, B. tried all the activities and practiced his concentration skill greatly. However, at the end of the week he had just two art activities left, because he misused them […]

Last week was full of activities which are not very special as brushing teeth, eating, eliminating – we do them daily. However, they are quite important to talk about as they explain how human body works, why we do certain things (washing hands, brushing teeth etc.) and they also offer […]

Gingerbread that our family made last week really is perfect. Their color is golden, they are glossy, puffy, soft and taste just little sweet, exactly as we like it. Sweetened by honey and without wheat flour. Shapes are recognizable, there are almonds in the middle. Yum. In Slovak language we […]