B.'s painting

We are ill. All three of us. For the third week. Our voices sound like they do not belong to us – mumbling, low pitch, sniffs, coughs… Something what I have just heard about became our reality – we spread illness among us over and over again. Each of us […]

Vienna view

Last weeks were quite busy as we went to Vienna for a week. M. worked and B. and I spent days mostly in sandpits and nearby woods. We explored the area around an old villa where we stayed. B. fluctuated between enthusiasm and fear during that week. The old villa […]

In many of my posts I write about many aspects in which my life has changed. I usually compare period after B. was born and the present period. However, visiting places of my childhood offers even more surprising pieces of information about my change – mental, physical, financial, locational, emotional, […]


Yesterday I finished reading a book which I read for more than a year. It was a tough reading, as it was very positive, and at the beginning I could not bear its positivity. As I finished it yesterday, there must have happened such a huge change in my mind […]

vaccination process

I got my first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. It was quite difficult for me to prepare for it – anxiety returned, I had flashbacks, disturbed sleep. I used methods I have learnt in last months to deal with it and being able to get my first dose. May 2, 2021 […]

deepest depths

You enjoy days with your child, you are happy you made it through difficult days and you experience many up-lifting moments now… You admire how quickly your child learns things and how much he/she has learnt since she/he was born… Moreover, you even have time to do something for yourself […]


Last week B. got injured, and he was really upset with discomfort and limitations it brought to him. The injury was probably painful too, and he was scared it would never heal. So this is how I tried to help him with kindness. B. was hungry and he washed an […]

Calendar mat

I have started working on this calendar mat more than two years ago when B. was about eight months old. I planned it to be finished by his first birthday so we could use it at his first Montessori Celebration of Life. It did not happen but I have no […]

regional education

Have you ever googled your own name? I did few hours ago and what I found! I found an ethnological monograph entitled Ethnology for the 21st Century – Bases and Prospects which contained also a study written by teachers from the university department where I studied ethnology. Below is the […]