In 2012 as a student I finished my work on study materials for subject of regional education for a small village school in Slovakia. Back then I was offered an opportunity of publishing these materials on my university department website. I did not take an advantage of it at that […]

sun hat

Sunny and warm days arrived and I went through our spring and summer clothes. I recalled that last summer I missed one particular hat for B. He has one that fits him well but when I washed it, we did not have a good enough replacement until it dried. So […]

daffodils and peas

Spring has arrived and we enjoy warm and sunny days, smells of flowers and wet soil. Sometimes we do not go for a walk, but stay on our loggia to play and expose ourselves to sunshine and work in our apartment garden. I grew up in an apartment (about 60 […]

It was Friday when I experienced a deep connection with my son. For the first time since he was born more than two and a half years ago. I was so happily calm and savored all those moments had to offer me. It has been a long journey connecting with […]

calming basket

Our days are filled with beautiful and heart-warming moments, ordinary moments and with very difficult and loud and emotional moments too. For each and everyone of us – B., M., me. I tried to find a way how to make those difficult moments more manageable, how to have a series […]

scrambled eggs

I did not feel like posting for two days… I set myself a goal to post everyday for a week and it did not happen. Today I am going to finish the week with three posts of this series. This week I have learned that posting every day, even short […]