difficult morning

I have had enough! I am fed up with all that perfection which is presented probably everywhere! That is the end of feeling wrong, bad, unworthy… On Tuesday morning I woke up exhausted after a night when I was awake maybe hundred times and crying for hours the previous evening. […]


Once upon a time there was a person, who was very close to me. This person has been diagnosed with depression and was medicated too. I thought that loving approach could improve and eventually treat this condition and I was probably expected to have this kind of approach. Doing all […]

snowy road

Today is the last day of February which I consider perfect to finish this mini series about our winter walks. You can read part 1 here. Looking at photographs taken during our walks, it may seem that everything is smoothly going and that it is just the weather what changes. […]

snowy day

Before B. was born I loved walks and hikes in forests. I have never got feelings of awe but in nature. It made me feel special and small at the same time. Winter walks with snow, frost and low temperatures are now quite occasional in the area where I live. […]

Last week I posted “About me” section of this site. It is not very long and with just one photo; however I spent all day writing it. I procrastinated. A lot. It was very hard for me to write about difficult experiences of my life. I definitely wanted to stay […]

Evening. B. is in his bed. I am just rethinking the whole day… Christmas Eve traditions in Slovakia differ from those in English speaking countries. Festive dinner is served and presents are opened right after. In the morning I dressed up. No sweatpants or baggy T-shirt. I put on leggings, […]