daffodils and peas

Spring has arrived and we enjoy warm and sunny days, smells of flowers and wet soil. Sometimes we do not go for a walk, but stay on our loggia to play and expose ourselves to sunshine and work in our apartment garden. I grew up in an apartment (about 60 […]


B. has grown and his clothes are too small again. Most of B.’s clothes is borrowed from a friend or gifted to us by family. T-shirts, shirts and jumpers are favorite pieces to be gifted, trousers, leggings and pants are what we usually buy. This time I decided that I […]

scrambled eggs

I did not feel like posting for two days… I set myself a goal to post everyday for a week and it did not happen. Today I am going to finish the week with three posts of this series. This week I have learned that posting every day, even short […]

Evening. B. is in his bed. I am just rethinking the whole day… Christmas Eve traditions in Slovakia differ from those in English speaking countries. Festive dinner is served and presents are opened right after. In the morning I dressed up. No sweatpants or baggy T-shirt. I put on leggings, […]