It was Friday when I experienced a deep connection with my son. For the first time since he was born more than two and a half years ago. I was so happily calm and savored all those moments had to offer me. It has been a long journey connecting with […]

calming basket

Our days are filled with beautiful and heart-warming moments, ordinary moments and with very difficult and loud and emotional moments too. For each and everyone of us – B., M., me. I tried to find a way how to make those difficult moments more manageable, how to have a series […]

difficult morning

I have had enough! I am fed up with all that perfection which is presented probably everywhere! That is the end of feeling wrong, bad, unworthy… On Tuesday morning I woke up exhausted after a night when I was awake maybe hundred times and crying for hours the previous evening. […]

Gingerbread that our family made last week really is perfect. Their color is golden, they are glossy, puffy, soft and taste just little sweet, exactly as we like it. Sweetened by honey and without wheat flour. Shapes are recognizable, there are almonds in the middle. Yum. In Slovak language we […]