Study materials I created years ago

In 2012 as a student I finished my work on study materials for subject of regional education for a small village school in Slovakia. Back then I was offered an opportunity of publishing these materials on my university department website. I did not take an advantage of it at that time. Now my mindset has changed and here it is – I publish it myself on my own website!

I invested so much time into it that it seems to be unbelievable now – for me as a mother who usually does not have time to focus for a longer period of time. I remember my buttocks hurt and my eyes were itchy of hours, days and months working in front of the computer screen. In spite of all that hard work, in 2012 I did not think materials I created were worth publishing. Now I can see how elaborate it is. I needed to have great skills in text editing, some skills in audio and video editing, which I do not have now – I simply did not practice. I used raw texts and materials provided by my classmates and created something complete and meaningful, targeted at pupils and teachers. Sure, there are things I would do differently now, especially gender-sensitive language use, but today I am so proud of what I created.

I consider publishing these materials very important for my mental health. A fieldwork, a writing process and a presentation of results is related to many difficult personal memories which are still not processed in my mind and this is also the way how I try to deal with it.

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