difficult morning

I have had enough! I am fed up with all that perfection which is presented probably everywhere! That is the end of feeling wrong, bad, unworthy… On Tuesday morning I woke up exhausted after a night when I was awake maybe hundred times and crying for hours the previous evening. […]


Once upon a time there was a person, who was very close to me. This person has been diagnosed with depression and was medicated too. I thought that loving approach could improve and eventually treat this condition and I was probably expected to have this kind of approach. Doing all […]

Last week I posted “About me” section of this site. It is not very long and with just one photo; however I spent all day writing it. I procrastinated. A lot. It was very hard for me to write about difficult experiences of my life. I definitely wanted to stay […]

Evening. B. is in his bed. I am just rethinking the whole day… Christmas Eve traditions in Slovakia differ from those in English speaking countries. Festive dinner is served and presents are opened right after. In the morning I dressed up. No sweatpants or baggy T-shirt. I put on leggings, […]