Organizing that needs to be done

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I thrive on organized things! It makes my life so much easier when I do not have to look for anything, move ten things to get to the eleventh thing… The process of organizing itself is quite interesting too. I need to think about how, how often or where I use certain objects and how it relates to other objects. Needs and lifestyle of our family changes faster and more often then I could have ever imagined.

I remember that when I was a child my mom often told me to tidy up, but I did not have that need. And the reason for that is quite simple – I did not have so many things and I always knew where everything is. Even my stuff looked messy to others. Actually, I remember that I could not find things after reorganization.

However, after B. was born I did not have time to organize stuff. Everything was put where we saw some space. It was horrible. Until then I did not know I NEED organized things to maintain my sanity. And yes, at that time I realized I need a lot of other things to keep it. Oh, and suddenly there was so much new stuff. All those children clothes and other stuff that a child outgrows so quickly and does not need it anymore…

Moreover, I found out that life with B. is much better when things have their place and are organized. Firstly, because he is calmer when the space around him is organized. Secondly, because I am calmer when the space around me is organized. And thirdly, because there are not as many things tempting him to touch, manipulate, move around and make mess. And we can start all over again from the “firstly”.

Donating to get organized

A significant part of household organization is to declutter. Usually I try to sell them for low prices; however, there are things nobody wants, not even for free. For example children clothes. There are probably so many second-hand children clothes available for free that there are not many people who want more. And the part of the problem is that new children clothes is possible to buy for so cheap already. I wrote about related problems in my post about fashion revolution with a preschooler.

I had fabrics, buttons and other sewing supplies which I inherited and knew I would never use, so I donated them. Then some household items, books, etc. I look for people who want stuff I do not need, organizations are the last resort for me.

embroidery threads

Finally organized

I inherited many embroidery threads. There is no chance I will ever use them all in my entire life, so someone will probably inherit them. I went through them and organized them according to their color. I continued with neatly folding fabrics and dividing them into two categories: woven and knitted. Then art supplies, dishes, computer files…

clean candle lamps

Cleaning long delayed

Our candle lamps were dirty after using them through winter. Usually, I am careful with melted wax, but it may happen I spill it. But M. hates smoke so he does anything to avoid candle smoke and then he is not careful with melted wax. We have it also on the loggia mat… Anyway, lamps needed to be cleaned, so I finally cleaned them.

Finishing what I started

In the post about fashion revolution I wrote about my intention to sew clothes for a doll. Trousers, shirt, vest and headwear is finished. Oscar from 1995 book Children Just Like Me would be surprised… In the same post I also wrote about our tries to weave on the weaving frame. And our new mat under a pot is done too (see a title photo).

For me it is quite impossible to have all my started projects finished, but it is important to finish at least some. Although I have many ideas finally, courage is sometimes missing. I have baskets, shelves and computer files full of unfinished projects. Sometimes it bothers me, I tell myself that I am incapable to finish stuff. Other times I am happy that I have finished something, even though sometimes it is invisible to others. I tend to be very harsh on myself.

And then there is a moment of relieve that my life is going to be easier when things are organized. Not necessarily all clean, but organized.

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