Jasminum nudiflorum

The present situation is unforeseeable, insecure and scary for many people in the world. I am scared about future too. But I need to take many steps to keep my mental health where it is now, not to sink which would be so easy. I need to keep myself sane […]

Vienna view

Last weeks were quite busy as we went to Vienna for a week. M. worked and B. and I spent days mostly in sandpits and nearby woods. We explored the area around an old villa where we stayed. B. fluctuated between enthusiasm and fear during that week. The old villa […]

vaccination process

I got my first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. It was quite difficult for me to prepare for it – anxiety returned, I had flashbacks, disturbed sleep. I used methods I have learnt in last months to deal with it and being able to get my first dose. May 2, 2021 […]


Last week B. got injured, and he was really upset with discomfort and limitations it brought to him. The injury was probably painful too, and he was scared it would never heal. So this is how I tried to help him with kindness and kind words. B. was hungry and […]

movement with a toddler

B. is a very active child and he has been even more when younger. He used to run around and play without stopping, evidently tired and asking to pause and rest next to us; however, he was unable to stop for more then two seconds, literally. Now he can stay […]

daffodils and peas

Spring has arrived and we enjoy warm and sunny days, smells of flowers and wet soil. Sometimes we do not go for a walk, but stay on our loggia to play and expose ourselves to sunshine and work in our apartment garden. I grew up in an apartment (about 60 […]

snowy road

Today is the last day of February which I consider perfect to finish this mini series about our winter walks. You can read part 1 here. Looking at photographs taken during our winter walks, it may seem that everything is smoothly going and that it is just the weather what […]

Last week I posted “About me” section of this site. It is not very long and with just one photo; however I spent all day writing it. I procrastinated. A lot. It was very hard for me to write about difficult experiences of my life. I definitely wanted to stay […]