Fashion Revolution Week with a preschooler

Few weeks ago I have started reading a book called Život na míru (free translation Tailor-Made Life) by Marek Rabij where he discuses clothes making in Bangladesh which serves as one of bases for fashion industry. I am struck and shocked by what I read in the book and suddenly […]


Today I have decided to present some projects I worked on in last weeks. They may seem too small to be called “projects”, but they are for me. I do not hesitate to share even small things as even small things may be life-changing. Flower cards I prepared this botanical […]


Our week stay in an old villa in Vienna reached us unprepared regarding B.’s night clothing. It was quite cold in the villa in comparison to our apartment. The weather outside got colder and colder as the week progressed; therefore, the villa got even colder too. I thought I packed […]

Calendar mat

I have started working on this calendar mat more than two years ago when B. was about eight months old. I planned it to be finished by his first birthday so we could use it at his first Montessori Celebration of Life. It did not happen but I have no […]

sun hat

Sunny and warm days arrived and I went through our spring and summer clothes. I recalled that last summer I missed one particular hat for B. He has one that fits him well but when I washed it, we did not have a good enough replacement until it dried. So […]


B. has grown and his clothes are too small again. Most of B.’s clothes is borrowed from a friend or gifted to us by family. T-shirts, shirts and jumpers are favorite pieces to be gifted, trousers, leggings and pants are what we usually buy. This time I decided that I […]