The present situation is unforeseeable, insecure and scary for many people in the world. I am scared about future too. But I need to take many steps to keep my mental health where it is now, not to sink which would be so easy. I need to keep myself sane […]

work on the road

Last week theme was created spontaneously – B. chose a train set to be put on his shelf. Transportation, vehicles, big machines – those are his favorite… Wooden train set Few months ago B. used to ask us to build tracks for him, later he added few pieces from time […]

counting to five

We had a horse week and I wanted to include a counting activity. There are so many materials available related to counting… But… I decided to create a counting horses activity as I have not found any counting activity with real horse photos. I printed the material, cut it and […]

Calendar mat

I have started working on this calendar mat more than two years ago when B. was about eight months old. I planned it to be finished by his first birthday so we could use it at his first Montessori Celebration of Life. It did not happen but I have no […]


B. has grown and his clothes are too small again. Most of B.’s clothes is borrowed from a friend or gifted to us by family. T-shirts, shirts and jumpers are favorite pieces to be gifted, trousers, leggings and pants are what we usually buy. This time I decided that I […]

toddler sewing

As a sewing mom I look for opportunities to include B. in any sewing-related activities. Some of them I introduced in an art activities post, this time; however, I focus just on pre-sewing activities. Usually when I work at my table, B. joins me and asks to play with a […]

Last week B. showed interest in various art techniques so I decided to dedicate this week to art. It started well, B. tried all the activities and practiced his concentration skill greatly. However, at the end of the week he had just two art activities left, because he misused them […]

Last week was full of activities which are not very special as brushing teeth, eating, eliminating – we do them daily. However, they are quite important to talk about as they explain how human body and digestive system work, why we do certain things (wash hands, brush teeth etc.) and […]

Gingerbread, or free translation from Slovak “honeybread”, that our family made last week really is perfect. Their color is golden, they are glossy, puffy, soft and taste just little sweet, exactly as we like it. Sweetened by honey and without wheat flour. Shapes are recognizable, there are almonds in the […]