Fashion Revolution Week with a preschooler

Few weeks ago I have started reading a book called Život na míru (free translation Tailor-Made Life) by Marek Rabij where he discuses clothes making in Bangladesh which serves as one of bases for fashion industry. I am struck and shocked by what I read in the book and suddenly […]


The present situation is unforeseeable, insecure and scary for many people in the world. I am scared about future too. But I need to take many steps to keep my mental health where it is now, not to sink which would be so easy. I need to keep myself sane […]

pumpkin bread

Recently I have found a video channel Her 86m2. I was amazed by the content and quality of videos. A stay-at-home mom creates peace, beautiful ordinariness, calmness in her home and through her videos she brings it into homes of others. In one of her videos she bakes pretty pumpkin […]

Spanish notebook

It all started in 2015 when I spent five months on my Erasmus study stay at University of Balearic Islands in Palma de Mallorca. I began with an official university course but after half-term test, which results were great, I decided to ask my Mallorcan friend E. to teach me. […]


Today I have decided to present some projects I worked on in last weeks. They may seem too small to be called “projects”, but they are for me. I do not hesitate to share even small things as even small things may be life-changing. Flower cards I prepared this botanical […]