mat under a flower pot

I thrive on organized things! It makes my life so much easier when I do not have to look for anything, move ten things to get to the eleventh thing… The process of organizing itself is quite interesting too. I need to think about how, how often or where I […]

Pelargonium citrosum

Daily patience

I am sitting at my desk and listening to birds chirping, dogs barking. Sun is shining and I am adoring green plants on our loggia. Sunday morning is now surprisingly quiet and calm (M. and B. went to the shop). Thoughts about past changes and huge changes yet awaiting for […]

Jasminum nudiflorum

The present situation is unforeseeable, insecure and scary for many people in the world. I am scared about future too. But I need to take many steps to keep my mental health where it is now, not to sink which would be so easy. I need to keep myself sane […]

pumpkin bread

Recently I have found a video channel Her 86m2. I was amazed by the content and quality of videos. A stay-at-home mom creates peace, beautiful ordinariness, calmness in her home and through her videos she brings it into homes of others. In one of her videos she bakes pretty pumpkin […]