Daily patience

Posted on May 15, 2022Comments Off on Daily patience

I am sitting at my desk and listening to birds chirping, dogs barking. Sun is shining and I am adoring green plants on our loggia. Sunday morning is now surprisingly quiet and calm (M. and B. went to the shop). Thoughts about past changes and huge changes yet awaiting for us are passing through my head. Now I am completely satisfied and confident that I will master them. With a lot of patience.

In several years our loggia changed from a dessert into a garden and then into a little jungle. My intentions are to make it even more “jungly”…

It is amazing how things are changing – some need a lot of effort and some just a little. But maybe a lot of effort is not even necessary… Maybe patience is the key.

Few years ago I sowed Portulaca seeds, but no sprouts appeared. So I decided to sow other seeds into the same flower pot. The next year two Portulaca flowers grew. At that time I was wondering what flowers they were when I remembered. They needed so much time and even after that results were just subtle.

Two years ago I started to dream about something big – a huge change which now seems to be so close. When all is set, a lot of work will need to be done. We will be closer to our ideal way of life. At this point, I am hopeful about my life, although there are people who imagine me isolated, unhappy, lonely. Of course, it may happen, and if it does, I am sure it will not last forever. PATIENCE becomes my main superpower now…1


  1. Patience is one of the superpowers in the book The Big Book of Superpowers (in Spanish El Gran Libro de Los Superpoderes and in German Das große starke Buch) by Susanna Isern and illustrated by Rocío Bonilla.