Parenthood in progress – day 5

Posted on March 21, 2021Comments Off on Parenthood in progress – day 5

In this series of posts I reveal my parenthood in progress. I did not feel like posting for two days… I set myself a goal to post everyday for a week; however, it did not happen. Nonetheless, today I am going to finish the week with three posts of this series. This week I have learned that posting every day, even short posts, is certainly overwhelming for me in this period of my life. Although there are so many little things to post, I do not perceive it as beneficial (for me) as my longer weekly posts.

I am being kind to myself and I am careful with words: I am not saying that I did not achieve the goal, but I am saying that the goal I set to myself was not achievable for me right now, I need to set more realistic goals.

Have you ever postponed an activity for later? I am sure you did. Why do I force myself to things? Why do I expect B. to do things (almost) immediately? Do I always ask him to do just necessary thing immediately? My observant me is ready to find out…

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