Today I have decided to present some projects I worked on in last weeks. They may seem too small to be called “projects”, but they are for me. I do not hesitate to share even small things as even small things may be life-changing.

Flower cards

Flower cards

I prepared this botanical color sorting activity, which I have from Little Spark Company’s Printables Library. Flower illustrations are so beautiful and colorful. I may use these cards for other purposes too. For now I can think of scavenger hunt around our apartment or just decorations…

Color Box 2 activity

Color Box 3

I printed out this Color Box 3 activity by Montessori Album and stuck the pieces on cardboard. I set up this activity related to Color Box 2, as B. does not have any experience with Montessori color boxes yet.

upcycled leggings


Before going to Vienna I hurried to sew pairs of leggings for B. as he, again, did not have any pieces of clothing covering his whole legs. I used the same sewing pattern as in this pair, except I used the larger size. Fabrics from my routine fabric work were used and therefore upcycled.

And that’s it for today. Working on other projects too and hopefully sharing here soon…

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