Counting to five – horses

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We had a horse week and I wanted to include a counting activity. There are so many materials available related to counting… But… I decided to create a counting horses activity as I have not found any counting activity with real horse photos.

I printed the material, cut it and glued the cards on a cardboard. With this material I opted not to laminate it, although it takes more time, but it is definitely more eco-friendly. I added all the materials that I could think of would be suitable to work with this material (listed by difficulty).

counting horses activity
  • Counters. In this case buttons. To be precise 15 buttons (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15) to ensure self-correction.
  • Montessori bead stair.
  • Cards with colored circles resembling Montessori bead stair.
  • Number tracing cards.
  • Number cards.
counting horses

All of those materials on one tray would be just too much; therefore, I will start just with horse cards and counters. As B. saw me preparing this activity, he wanted to try it with all the materials and I helped him, explained, worked with him. But there is no way he could be self-sufficient with this amount of materials available for one activity.

Your download of counting horses

  • Counting to five – horses: download here
counting horses