Routine fabric work

Posted on July 18, 2021Comments Off on Routine fabric work

I did not feel like writing much today so I decided to catch up on the pile which is slowly growing. It contains M.’s trousers that need to be shortened, few M’s old T-shorts that need to be cut and unpicked turtlenecks that are supposed to be made into B.’s new leggings.

toilet cloths

Toilet cloths

Since 2017 we use toilet cloths instead of toilet paper most of the time. They are softer, reusable and therefore more ecological.

Our toilet cloths are mostly made from old cotton T-shirts. Once I bought fabric for it but it was unnecessary as those old T-shirts are always lying around mostly unused. So this way we have soft toilet cloths and we give old T-shirts a second chance.

We wash our toilet cloth with our clothes in the washing machine. I do not use them when I have my period. We also use wet toilet cloth as a final step after wiping with toilet paper after a bowel movement.


B. is always around

Of course, when B. sees I occupy the living room floor he always want to know what I am doing and join me. This time he chose to explore my sewing kit and played with pins for few minutes which is a great activity for fine motor skills and for safety awareness as he learns that pins are pointy and it can be painful when he is not careful with them.


Shortening the trousers

M. and I are not representations of body types for mass-produced clothing. But in order to have some wearable clothes we sometimes need to buy few pieces. For us trousers are always too long so I always need to shorten them before wearing. Ideally, I would sew clothes for all of us but I have not made it a priority, as I have also other ideas how to invest my time.

There is always work like this awaiting for me. Last sewing session I mended M.’s winter jacket – obviously, I got to it after few months as it was on the pile since the beginning of the spring. Although I did not finish the pile today, I reduced it significantly. And that counts too!