Our winter walks (part 1)

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Before B. was born I loved walks and hikes in forests. I have never got feelings of awe but in nature. It made me feel special and small at the same time. Winter walks with snow, frost and low temperatures are now quite occasional in the area where I live. However, this season I could enjoy them more than usually.

I love when it is snowing: falling snow is so calming, brightens short dark winter days as it reflects light even when it is not sunny. And those very cold days without snow when the frost covers everything – how it shimmers in the sun and makes the world colorful! I also love freezing days when the air is so fresh and crisp that my nose goes numb and mud is frozen and I can walk almost anywhere. On days like these as I come inside my face is red and warm for the rest of the day. I feel so cozy and snugly under the blanket, drinking warm herbal tea, looking forward to sleep.

Although, in our area not all winter days could be labeled as wintry days, this winter season showed many varieties it has to offer. Therefore not all winter walks I happened to capture on camera look like winter days.

December 3, 2020

First snowy day came. All three of us went for a walk together. B. took his umbrella and drew lines in the snow.

It was a walk to a nearby lake and we were lucky enough to see a deer herd. Snow melted on that day.

December 31, 2020

Late afternoon walk in three to a nearby railroad. Sun was setting, it was freezing cold. B. was riding his balance bike.

The wedge of geese flying in V shape above our heads. We heard their honking.

I managed to take a photo of one of the trains which speeded around us. B. has never experienced a train in such a short distance before.


The fog started to cover the country. We were getting cold.

January 3, 2021

A walk to a close forest that was our visiting point for several times last year due to pandemic situation.

Hard work.


Exploring fallen trees. Maybe it is turkey tail fungi (Trametes versicolor) – looks a little like the one in my book I referred to.

We found some fungi. Maybe it is apricot jelly (Tremiscus helvelloides) – looks a little like the one in my book I referred to.

We found also bee houses. I explained B. that bees are sleeping and we need to be quiet and walking around bee houses, not touching them. B. walked around with his hands behind his back like a proud beekeeper taking pleasure in what he created.

January 8, 2021

A winter walk in hills nearby the closed ski center. We were there quite early, at 8 a.m. to avoid snow hunting crowds. When we arrived just few cars were parked on the parking lot, at the departure time the parking lot was almost full.

I have never seen so many snowmen as on that day. B. shook their twig hands and greeted them. In the picture he is greeting a snowman: “Good day!” He wanted snowmen start walking as he saw it in the cartoon Little Mole and the Snowman. I had a hard time explaining this and I am not sure he fully understood; however, since then I keep in mind that I need to explain him some unreal elements in cartoons or in books.

Up the hill. Snow was melting, there were no signs of snow under mountains or in our town.

January 13, 2021

Another walk to the lake.

It was such a sunny morning; however the rest of the day was very dark and cloudy.

B. exploring height of an electric pylon.

An animal run through the lightly frozen lake. Evidently, it survived…

January 14, 2021

A walk through a meadow and an orchard.

Running through the field.

B. has started to entertain himself outside for longer periods of time on one spot. For two and a half years I ran after him, chased him without a chance of contemplation in peace. It has changed. I sat on the sled looking around, enjoying tranquility, observing how B. dug in the snow with a stick.

January 16, 2021

Around the lake and through the corn field.

Deer herd near the lake again.

It was such a windy day that snowdrifts were created.

Wedge of geese.

January 20, 2021

Mom and the son enjoying warmer winter morning walk.

Water drops glittering on tree twigs.

Exploring fungi on the fallen tree and resting. Muddy? Never mind… (Is it turkey tail again?)

Walks of this winter have changed many things. One of them was that B. is able to slow down outdoors and listen to sounds of nature, observe the movement of trees and plants. He even started to appreciate what he likes with words – “kjása” – proper Slovak word is “krása” – loveliness. More about other winter walks and changes in the next post.