Living in Vienna for a week

Posted on September 12, 2021Comments Off on Living in Vienna for a week

Last weeks were quite busy as we went to Vienna for a week. M. worked and B. and I spent days mostly in sandpits and nearby woods. We explored the area around an old villa where we stayed. B. fluctuated between enthusiasm and fear during that week. The old villa scared him because there were few things that broke during our stay – the toilet was leaking, one of the lights in the living room was “blinking”, light in the hall stopped working, there was no electricity for few hours… In short, it was not an ideal accommodation for a family with a little child.

Oh, but those walks in the woods and vineyards…

Enjoying sunshine

My heart melted. Quiet. Peace. Sun. Wind. Oh, how I missed this… And the best part of it was that I experienced it with B. He saw me enjoying it, I saw him walking and walking, always finding something to interest him and walking further. Something I considered impossible… And then we had a picnic, or rather picnics because when B. is outside he would have a picnic after each twenty steps.


We did not have a typical Viennese experience. We went to the ZOO by a tram, we walked to a nearby bookshop and then spent half of a day with M. in the city center once. Except of that I chose activities in nature.

And again, B. showed me how much he grew up, how he got older, wiser. It is unbelievable he is three years old already. And it is even more unbelievable that I truly relish my life with him just for about a year… I used to imagine I would feel like this from day one, from the moment he was born. Rethinking what I wrote at the beginning of this paragraph: “We showed each other how much we grew up, how we got older, wiser…”