Sleep sack for an active sleeper

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Our week stay in an old villa in Vienna reached us unprepared regarding B.’s night clothing. It was quite cold in the villa in comparison to our apartment. The weather outside got colder and colder as the week progressed; therefore, the villa got even colder too. I thought I packed clothes for every situation possible but I was wrong…

We came from our apartment with usual summer temperature of 28°C to villa’s 23°C, which went down to 20°C. A huge drop in temperature in such a short period of time. B. ended up sleeping like an onion – in 5 layers of clothing. That was the point when we asked the owners to turn on the heating.

History of our active sleeper

Since the first night we came home with B. he was turning in the bed. At first we thought it was because he tried to escape the wet surface on which he slept after peeing (it was a very hot summer and we used square cloths diapers). However transitioning to PUL cloth diapers did not change the situation, the opposite was truth, the bigger B. was and the more moveable he was, the more he moved in his crib at night. He spent is first winter and spring in sleep sacks until he have learnt how to stand and walk in his crib. I considered it to be unsafe so we heated the room for 24°C and layered clothes on him. It worked like this for several years and we have not tried to go back to sleeps sacks until now.

In Vienna I have decided to sew a sleep sack for a 3-year old.


I prepared all the materials needed from my stash. I used vehicles printed cotton, linen, cotton insulation and a zipper. I took B.’s measurements, made a pattern and cut out the fabric pieces.

sleep sack materials

And I started to put it together.

sleep sack

Then there was a sleep sack and its facing.

sleep sack

And it is done.

sleep sack

The sleep sack has a comfortable zipper cover.

zipper cover

There is a double head zipper used for closing the sleep sack. It may serve as an opening to cool down feet when at not so cold nights.

double head zipper


As it is visible in the picture above, I did not have enough fabric to cut the front part in one piece and I did not even had enough to make a back of the sleep sack from the same fabric. Never mind. I managed.

It may seem like I cut the fabric upside down. But I did not. I imagined B. wearing the sack and looking at prints on the fabric and this was the right orientation for cutting the fabric.

Hopefully the sack will be comfortable for sleeping in…