Alone (Finally!)

Posted on April 10, 2022Comments Off on Alone (Finally!)

Being alone is such a rare event. And today I have about eight hours for myself! So I enjoy my focus on quiet and calmness.

In the morning I sang a song when I realized that no one is going to ask me: “What do you sing? Where is the song from? What is the song about?” Followed by: “Sing louder.” (Sometimes I want to sing just for myself.) Or by: “How does the song continue?” (Sometimes I do not know, I sing just passages I know the lyrics to, or I add humming.) The afternoon is accompanied by harp music played by harpist Susan Drake. (No one is changing tracks or CDs…)

susan drake

Yesterday I cleaned up my desk and shelf above it. The still life of objects pleasing my eyes are complemented by a bowl with a drop of my favorite geranium essential oil. (No one wants to smell all the essential oils I have…)

Warm tea – the package said it is a nerve calming kind. And a cake which M. made yesterday. (No one to argue with about another, another and yet another piece of cake.)

afternoon raw cake

Noon nap is a common part of my days. (Today no screaming are fallen toys to wake me up.)

Open window, fresh air, birds chirping, looks at our loggia garden growing green. (No one asking me to take out a kinetic sand box or to set a window washing activity.)

kapucinka vacsia

Being alone but still remembering my little B. and M. I am looking forward for them to come back home… But moms still need a break from being moms.